MTLA Helmet Safety Campaign

in Hamtramck

On June 3, 2006 the MTLA Helmet Safety Campaign brought 500 helmets to the needy kids in Hamtramck.

Many thanks to these generous and hard working volunteers: Rachel Baker, Glenn Saltsman, Michael Geraghty, David Greco, Susan Wright, Henry Philo Jr, Linda Turek, Jesse Reiter, Jennifer Grieco, Jack Nolish, Susan Wright, Rick Warsh, Micheal Pitt, Peggy Pitt, Hon. Richard Wygonik, Thomas Randolph III, Hon. Richard Skutt, Judy Susskind, Greg Janks, Cyril White (and his daughter), Renee Schween (from Children's Hospital), Genevieve  , Joel Alpert, Cyril White and his daughter, Neil Miller, Steven Coykendall, Brianne Coykendall, Amria Ahmed, Issac Threat...[if you worked the Hamtramck event and your name is not here let me know!]


The Hamtramck event was the culmination of months of hard work by the MTLA Coalition/Community Action Committee: Committee Co-Chairs Jennifer Grieco and Traci Kornak, Volunteer Liaison Linda Turek, Glenn Saltsman, Richard Clark and Officer liaison MTLA President Jesse Reiter.


Hardworking MTLA volunteers including MTLA Vice President Judy Susskind, Michigan Worker's Compensation Agency Director Jack Nolish, Judge Richard Skutt, and Judge Richard Wygonik started arriving at 8am to setup the Helmet fitting, the Bike Inspection and Repair Station and the Bike Safety Rodeo.


Volunteers worked through a thunderstorm and two seperate rain squalls to fit more than 250 helmets, repair dozens of bikes, give away four new bikes and dozens of pieces of bike safety equipment.

Special thanks to Greg Janks who stepped up and hauled in the small truckload of equipment needed to run the MTLA Bike Safety Rodeo. 


WCA Director Jack Nolish carted his own tools and air compressor in and worked non stop, through rain and storms, inspecting and repairing bikes for neighborhood kids.


Past MTLA President Michael Pitt, MTLA Treasurer Richard Warsh, Cyril White of White House Settlement Consultants, Renee Schween from Children's Hospital, and about 30 other MTLA volunteers dedicated their Saturday afternoon to making this a safer summer for the more than 500 Hamtramck residnets who came to the Saturday event.

The June 3 event was one of thirteen 2006 MTLA Helmet Safety Campaign events.  This year’s MTLA Helmet Safety Campaign will fit 3700 helmets, 13,700 overall since we started in 2000!  

The MTLA Helmet Safety Campaign has received accolades from around the state, including a Special Tribute from Governor Jennifer Granholm and the 93rd Legislature, as well as some individual lawmakers, declarations from the Mayors of Pontiac, Lansing and Gladstone, and an annual Public Service Award from the Crime Prevention Association of Michigan.

“The trial bar is in the business of helping people and preventing injuries by acting as the private sector enforcement of health and safety regulations, making certain that only safe products and services are out there in the marketplace, “explained MTLA President-Elect Jesse Reiter. “So preventing injuries through our Helmet Safety Campaign is a perfect fit for us.”

Each year since 2000 MTLA members pledge funds to be used for purchasing helmets.  MTLA then organizes a series of helmet fitting events around the state where specially trained volunteers not only fit the helmets but also teach kids and their families the importance of wearing a properly fitted helmet. MTLA volunteers then donate a Saturday to fitting the helmets.

“This year’s Campaign is on track to be the most successful yet,” Reiter noted.  “Generous community-minded MTLA members are stepping up in record numbers to pledge funds for helmet purchases and to volunteer for the helmet fittings.”