2007 MTLA Helmet Safty Campaign
On June 9, 2007 the MTLA Helmet Safety Campaign came to the
Fellowship Chapel in a rough area of northwest Detroit.
We fit more than 400 helmets, repaired dozens of bikes in the Bike Repair Station, gave away 8 bicycles and taught kids to ride safe in the Bike Safety Rodeo.
MTLA President Jesse Reiter fits a helmet
Mark Bello worked this section of Outer Drive, directing kids into the event
MTLA Executive Baord Memeber Rebecca Warsh fits a helmet
MTLA Treasurer Barry Gates braved the hot sun and spent three hours helping direct kids into the event
Dan Beck fits another helmet.
The MTLA Bike Repair Station ran flawlessly thanks to a tip-top crew of VIPS.
[Above] Judge Richard Skutt, Workers Compensation Agency Director Jack Nolish,
MTLA Executive Board member Joel Alpert [obscured]
and Judge Katherine Hansen worked hard to make kid's bikes safe to ride.
[Above] Joel Alpert and Mark Sucher repair a flat tire
[Below] But before the first child arrived, hours of preparation went into the event.
Its hard to imagine, but the hard working volunteers of MTLA have fit over 15,000 helmets to kids all over Michigan in the past 8 years!
We celebrated by awarding a FREE BIKE to the child who received the honorary
15,000th MTLA Safety Helmet!
MTLA also gave away 7 more bikes to kids who entered the drawing for door prizes.
[Below] Mark Bello served as a mobile role model, demonstrating the proper fit of an MTLA Helmet as well as the importance of wearing one as he waved his sign on Outer Drive.  
[Below] The fine folks at the Detroit Legal News sent John Meiu (center, in brown) out to take a photo
of the MTLA Volunteers
[Below]  Most volunters worked at least five straight house in the hot sun. Everyone was encouraged to take a few breaks and drink lots of water!