2005 Helmet Safety Event in Birmingham

MTLA Helmet Safety Campaign 2005


MTLA Attorneys Giving Back To Our Community!
2005 “Law Day” Legal Aid Clinic Focuses on Child Safety


MTLA member attorneys Scott Goodwin and Jim Scieszka aren’t just attorneys – they’re parents.

 That’s why they gave away over 400 free bike helmets at their 19th annual Law Day! Because the number one health risk for children is preventable accidents, Goodwin & Scieszka teamed up with Children’s Hospital of Michigan to provide free MTLA safety helmets and advice on avoiding childhood injuries. Each helmet was custom-fitted by a trained safety expert and every child was entered to win one of five bikes given away.




Over 800 listeners attended this free legal aid clinic and enjoyed a live outdoor broadcast of WMUZ radio’s Bob Dutko show – complete with on-air interviews of attorneys Goodwin & Scieszka.  Meanwhile, a team of top attorneys was busy answering hundreds of legal questions on every area of law, from bankruptcy to birth trauma.



Held in May, this year’s event broke all attendance records. Attorney Scott Goodwin said, “Law Day just gets bigger and better. We’re all about helping people, educating families on safety, and encouraging kids to wear a helmet when they’re riding. Sometimes lawyers get a bad rap, and this is a nice way to really give back to our community.”  

Highlights of This Year’s Law Day Included:

  • 850 people attended the event
  • 400 children received free MTLA bike safety helmets
  • 30 attorneys donated their time to answer questions
  • 325 people received free confidential consultations
  • 1,000 sizzling hotdogs were grilled and served
  • 5 new bicycles were given away by Goodwin & Scieszka
  • 7 radio personalities from WMUZ AM & FM were on-site
  • 3 hours of live radio was broadcast from the event