Michigan Supreme Court Election 2008

Michigan legal trade paper Michigan Lawyers Weekly asked judges, Justices, attorneys, law professors and the general legal community to choose between controversial incumbant Justice Clifford Taylor, and challenger Judge Diane Marie Hathaway.

91% of these legal professionals choose Judge Hathaway.


On Sept. 2, 2008, 3rd Circuit Court Judge Diane M. Hathaway announced her candidacy for the Michigan Supreme Court. A former assistant Macomb County prosecutor, Hathaway will be competing against her fellow 3rd Circuit Court jurist, Judge Deborah Thomas, for the Michigan Democratic Party's nomination to challenge Chief Justice Clifford W. Taylor, who's running for re-election. Hathaway has more than 15 years experience on the bench. In 2006, she ran unsuccessfully for a seat on the Michigan Court of Appeals. Should Hathaway get the nod from the Democratic Party, who will you be voting for?

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