James Tuck Memorial Foundation and Education Fund
James Tuck Memorial Foundation and Education Fund

James Tuck Memorial Foundation & Scholarship Fund


Attorney James A. Tuck died in the 1987 crash of Northwest flight 255. The James Tuck Memorial
  Scholarship Foundation was established by his friends, officers of the Michigan Association for
  Justice, in his memory to provide a vehicle to fund the legal education of students who shared
  Tuck's vision of equal justice for all.



A Legacy of Fighting For Justice

Attorney James A. Tuck died in the infamous 1987 crash of Northwest flight 255. The James Tuck Memorial Scholarship Foundation was established by concerned officers of the Michigan Association of Justice in his memory to provide a vehicle to fund the legal education of students who shared Tuck's vision of justice.

This tribute comes from the 1990 James Tuck Memorial Lecture at the Wayne State University Law School.

"Jim Tuck brought more to the law than a brilliant mind. He will be remembered by all who knew and loved him more for his compassion, his concern for his fellow human beings, and his dedication to justice and fair play.

"His tragic and untimely death on the fateful Northwest flight 255 left an enormous gap in the ranks of those who struggle ceaselessly to protect people's rights. He was a national authority in the fields of product liability and medical malpractice. he had skillfully and energetically represented hundreds of victims of dangerous products and medical malpractice. He was an outspoken and forceful leader in his professional zeal to move lawyers more directly into the midstream of coalition teamwork to help advance the legal political and social efforts to protect and defend people's rights.

James A. Tuck received his engineering degree (1965) and his Juris Doctorate (1968) from the University of Michigan. His legal career was with the Detroit firm of Goodman, Eden, Millender and Bedrosian.

He played an active leadership role in the Metropolitan Detroit Chapter of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America and with the Michigan Trial Lawyers Association, especially during the 1986-1987 fight to resist drastic changes in the legal protections afforded to Michigan victims of medical malpractice.

As champion of change, of the need to defend and extend the rights of individuals against malpractice, abuse, neglect and injustice, it is fitting that this conference be respectfully and livingly dedicated to James A. Tuck."

In a memorial address entitled, "He made us proud to be lawyers," MAJ Past-President George T. Sinas quoted the words of William Shakespeare in tribute to James Tuck:

"His life was gentle,
And the elements so mixed in him
That nature itself might stand up and say to all the world,
This was a man."


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