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October 12, 2020 MAJ: Unemployed Workers Are NOT Political Pawns 

September 23, 2020 Every Survivor of Sexual Assault Deserves the Right to Seek Justice

September 10, 2020 MAJ Announces 2020 General Election Endorsements

July 28, 2020 MAJ Announces 2020 Primary Endorsements for Michigan House

June 8, 2020 MAJ Announces Judicial Endorsements

June 1, 2020 Michigan Association for Justice Introduces New President Donna MacKenzie 

January 16, 2020 MAJ Announces Endorsements for Michigan Supreme Court, Court of Appeals

August 29, 2019 MAJ Backs Bills to Combat Payroll Fraud, Protect Workers' Paychecks

August 27, 2019 MAJ: Action Taken by MSU to Dismiss Nassar Survivor Lawsuits Reveals University's True Colors

June 3, 2019  Michigan Association for Justice Introduces New President Robert MacDonald

May 24, 2019 MAJ Statement on SB 1

May 13, 2019 MAJ Blasts No-Fault ‘Reform’ Bills, Calls On Governor Whitmer To Veto

February 13, 2019 MAJ: Mayor Duggan Continues to Offer No-Fault Solutions that Benefit Insurance Companies without Providing Meaningful Rate Reductions

February 4, 2019 MAJ: Action Taken by MSU Signals Positive Step in Ending University’s Culture of Indifference and Institutional Protection, Justice for Nassar Survivors

August 23, 2018 Trial Lawyers To Insurance Companies: ‘Show Us Your Books!’

August 9, 2018 MAJ Endorses “Voters Not Politicians” Ballot Proposal

July 13, 2018 MAJ Calls For Scrutiny Of Dark Money Group And Campaign Finance Violations

June 19, 2018 MAJ Announces 2018 Legislative Endorsements

June 14, 2018 MAJ Condemns John Engler’s Attacks On Nassar Victims And Their Attorneys, Calls For His Resignation

June 1, 2018 MAJ Introduces New President Deb Freid

May 10, 2018 MAJ Endorses Benson for Secretary of State, Nessel for Attorney General

March 28, 2018 MAJ Endorses Bagenstos, Cavanagh for Michigan Supreme Court

February 8, 2018 MAJ Opposes Bill that would Deny and Delay Justice to Asbestos Victims

October 16, 2017 MAJ Endorses Gretchen Whitmer for Governor

September 26, 2017 Mayor Duggan’s Insurance Plan Fails to Protect Michigan Drivers, Auto Accident Victims

May 25, 2017 MAJ Honors Judge Kumar for Judicial Excellence

May 9, 2017 MAJ’s statement on Detroit Free Press investigation re: high cost of auto insurance in Detroit

December 22, 2016 MAJ Calls on Governor Snyder to Veto Bill Making Municipalities Immune from Sidewalk Injury Claims

November 30, 2016 MAJ Issues Statement on Gov. Snyder’s Appointment of Brock Swartzle to Michigan Court of Appeals

September 22, 2016 MAJ Announces 2016 Judicial Endorsements

May 24, 2016 MAJ Announces Staff Updates

April 6, 2015 MAJ Endorses Proposal 1

August 18, 2014 MAJ Endorses Judge Bill Murphy for Michigan Supreme Court

August 13, 2014 Citizens at Risk Due to Lack of Investment in Infrastructure

August 13, 2014 MAJ Endorses Richard Bernstein for Supreme Court

July 22, 2014 MAJ Announces Statewide Endorsements

May 6, 2014 12th Annual Heads Up for Safety Day to Give Bike Helmets to Kids

April 25, 2014 Ed Rendell, former Pennsylvania Governor, to headline MAJ Annual Banquet