Respected Advocate Award

Every year MAJ and the Michigan Defense Trial Counsel (MDTC) each present a "Respected Advocate Award." This award is given at the State Bar of Michigan Awards Banquet. MAJ gives the award to a member of the defense bar for the purpose of recognizing and honoring the individual's history of successful representation of clients and adherence to the highest standards of ethics. The MDTC does the same annually for a plaintiffs practitioner. In so doing, we promote mutual respect and civility.



Year MAJ Recipient MDTC Recipient
1997 George Googaisan J. P. O'Leary
1998 Paul Rosen Edmond M Brady
1999 Dave Christensen Robert Siemion
2000 Edwin Jakeway Richard G. Ward
2001 Kathleen Bogas Walter P. Griffin
2002 Loren Gray Daniel P. Makarski
2003 Sherwin Schreier Roger Smith
2004 Timothy J. Donovan Donald Ducey
2005 Hon. Elizabeth L. Gleicher Paula L. Cole
2006 William N. Kritselis William Hurley
2007 Wayne Miller Pete Dunlap
2008 Norm Tucker Bruce Bigler
2009 William F. Mills William W. Jack Jr.
2010 Mark Granzatto Paul Manion
2011 Thomas J. Evans Paul Lazar
2012 Katherine Smith Kennedy Laurel F. McGiffert
2013 Jesse M. Reiter Steven B. Galbraith
2014 Thomas R. Behm John E. McSorley
2015 George T. Sinas Robert F. Riley
2016 Jules B. Olsman Michael R. Janes
2017 Ven R. Johnson J. Brian MacDonald
2018 Liisa R. Speaker William D. Chaklos
2019 Daniel D. Swanson Cynthia E. Merry
2020 Jody Aaron Walter H. Smith, Jr.