2019 No-Fault Institute

no-fault institute recordings & materials
Navigating the Chaos of a New Law

Coordinators: George T. Sinas, Sinas Dramis Law Firm, Lansing and Wayne Miller, Miller & Tischler PC, Farmington Hills
Professionally recorded by Hanson Renaissance Court Reporting & Video at an MAJ Seminar conducted on October 10 & 11, 2019.

Update on PIP Cases: The Compass Health Problem-
Wayne Miller | Limitations on Specific Providers: Chiropractors & Therapists-Matt Payne | Survivors Loss and Work Loss Benefit Calculations: Lost Health Insurance Benefits; Partial Dependency; §3107(1)(b) VERSUS §3107A & Self Employment Claimants-Joel Finnell | Fraud Disqualification: Fraud in The Procurement & Fraud in Claim Processing-Janet Hamilton | Medical Bill Auditing: DIFS Bulletin & Current Status-Bryan Schefman | Non-Residents in Michigan Accidents; Michigan Residents in Out of State Accidents: Michigan Snowbirds & Other Scenarios-Steve Sinas | Tort Threshold Law Update-George Sinas | Collateral Sources in Tort and FECA Liens Under the New Law-Josh Terebelo | Statutory Owner Liability: Consent Presumptions; Key Case Law & Practice Tips-Daniel Zick | Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist Benefit Cases: Withheld Consent Scenarios; Joinder of Tort and UM Cases & Evidentiary Issues Regarding UIM Contract-Jason Berger

The New PIP Choice Options
-Steve Sinas | The New Fee Schedule-Pratheep Sevanthinathan | The New Attendant Care Rules and Related Issues-MAJ Silver Sponsor Nick Andrews | The New Utilization Review Process-Gerald Paulovich | The MCCA-Adrienne Logeman | Non-Resident Claimants in Tort & The New Assigned Claims Plan-Dustin Hoff | New Priority Rules: Common Carrier; Employer Owned Vehicles & Motorcycles-Wayne Miller | New PIP Processing Rules: IMES; Tolling the Statute of Limitations; Charging an Attorney Fee; Interest and Attorney Fee Sanctions & The New DIFS Website-Maureen Kinsella | The New Provider Right of Direct Action and Assignment Update-Richard Hillary | The Anti-Fraud Unit-Steve Hicks | Overview of Tort Litigation Under the New Law: Codification of McCormick, Expanded Liability for Excess Economic Loss; Non-Residents & Comparative Negligence-George Sinas | Arguing Damages for Excess Economic Loss: The Expert’s Perspective on Life Car Plans-Steve Gursten & Dr. Joe Gonzales | Arguing Damages for Excess Economic Loss: The Attorney’s Perspective on the Use of Life Care Plans-Steve Gursten & Conal Doyle Dealing with Liens on Tort Recoveries-Bob June | Constitutional and Other Legal Challenges-Don Fulkerson