CDS (14)
2015 Seminar in the Snow

Voir Dire-MAJ President-Elect Ven Johnson, Johnson Law PLC, Detroit
(CD 512; DVD 128)

PIP 85% Reduction Not Automatic-MAJ President Scott Goodwin, Goodwin & Scieszka, Birmingham (CD 512; DVD 128)

Damages-MAJ Vice-President David E. Christensen, Christensen, Southfield
(CD 512; DVD 128)

Probate-Minor & Legal Incapacity Individuals-Andrew Shotwell, Smith & Johnson PC, Traverse City (CD 513; DVD 129)

How to Ask for Money-Christopher Filiatraut, Mike Morse Law Firm, Southfield
(CD 513; DVD 129)

Diffuse Tensor Imaging-Craig Hilborn, Hilborn & Hilborn PC, Birmingham
(CD 513; DVD 129)

Discovering Altered Records and Proving it at Trial-Donna MacKenzie, Olsman, Mueller, Wallace & MacKenzie, PC, Berkley (CD 514; DVD 130)

Deposition Strategies and Getting What You Need From the Witness-MAJ Past President Judy Susskind, The Thurswell Law Firm, PLLC, Southfield (CD 514; DVD 130)

From Strippers to Paralegals: How to Tell the Difference Between Exempt Employees, Non-Exempt Employees and Independent Contractors-Marla Linderman, Atnip and Associates, PLLC, Rochester (CD 514; DVD 130)