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2015 Rapid Fire Seminar

Compact Discs & DVDs

70th Annual Rapid Fire Seminar: New Ways to Succeed
Co-Moderators: Juliana Sabatini, MAJ Executive Board Member, Detroit & Chad Engelhardt, MAJ Executive Board Member Ann Arbor  Professionally recorded by Computing Source at an MAJ Seminar conducted on May 15, 2015

Dealing with Tough Issues and Bumps in the Road at Trial-Deborah Gordon, Bloomfield Hills (CD 515; DVD 130)

Preserving and Litigating the UM Claim-Paul Shibley, Muskegon (CD 515; DVD 130)

MI Civ JI 50.10 and 50.11-Come to Papa!-MAJ President-Elect Ven Johnson, Detroit
(CD 515; DVD 130)

First Party Legal Update-Wayne Miller, Farmington Hills (CD 516; DVD 131)

Principles of Witness and Case Sequencing at Trial-Steve Goethel, Ann Arbor
(CD 516; DVD 131)

Expert Witness Testimony Under MRE 702/Daubert-The Hon. Lisa Gleicher, Michigan Court
of Appeals, Detroit (CD 516; DVD 131)

Third party Legal Update-Steve Sinas, Lansing (CD 517; DVD 132)

View from the Appellate Bench-The Hon. Douglas Shapiro, Michigan Court of Appeals, Lansing (CD 517; DVD 132)

2015 Appellate Update-Mark Granzotto, Berkley (CD 517; DVD 132)

Use of Video for Case Eval and at Trial- Robert Buchanan, Grand Rapids (CD 518; DVD 133)

Modern Voir Dire-MAJ Secretary Brian McKeen, Detroit (CD 518; DVD 133)

From Trial Lawyer to Trial Judge: A View from the Bench-The Hon. Carol Kuhnke, Washtenaw County Circuit Court, Ann Arbor (CD 519; DVD 134)

Top Tips: Preparing Your PIP Case for Trial-Nick Andrews, Bloomfield Hills
(CD 519; DVD 134)

Finishing Well-How to GROW Your Business in a Competitive Market- Mark Vogel-Ringler
Associates (CD 519; DVD 134)