71st Annual Seminar: New Ways to Succeed

Seminar recordings & materials
71st annual seminar: new ways to succeed

Co-Moderators: Chad Engelhardt & Juliana Sabatini
Professionally recorded by Computing Source at an MAJ Seminar conducted on April 15, 2016.

  • Dealing with Medicare and Medicaid Liens in 3rd Party and General Liability Cases-Donna MacKenzie-Olsman, MacKenzie & Wallace, PC, Berkley
  • Negligence of Premises Owner: Featuring Tips from a $4.6M Verdict-MAJ Past President Robert Raitt-Michigan Auto Law, Farmington Hills
  • Don’t be a Defendant: Top Tips to Avoid Legal Malpractice-
    Ray Horenstein-Rosenfeld Insurance Agency, Farmington Hills
  • Federal Process, Remedies and Rules of Civil Procedure
    David Blanchard-Blanchard & Walker, PLLC, Ann Arbor
  • The Role of Corporate Liability in Trucking and Auto Cases
    Tom James-Michigan Auto Law, Farmington Hills
  • First Party Auto Legal Update-Wayne Miller-Miller & Tischler, PC, 
    Farmington Hills
  • Third Party Auto and No-Fault Legislative Update-Tom Sinas-Sinas Dramis Brake Boughton & McIntryre, PC, Grand Rapids
  • Winning Direct Examination-MAJ President Ven Johnson-Johnson Law, Detroit
  • Cross Examination-MAJ Vice President Brian McKeen-McKeen &Associates, Detroit