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2017 No-Fault Materials

the MAJ no-fault institute xiv
Digital Recordings & Materials

Professionally recorded by Computing Source at an MAJ Seminar conducted on September 25 & 26, 2017

Day 1-PIP      
Update to PIP Cases
-Robert Logeman | Fraud Section Including: Bahri/Bazzi Update & Everest Cases-Matt Payne & Greg Jones | Creation/Termination of Insurance Policies-Wayne Miller | Agency & Underwriting Issues-Mike Hale | The Lawfully Rendered Requirement and AFC Licensure-Greg Bator | Uber and Other Ride Sharing Services-Justin Hakala | Duty to Seek Other Coverage-Steve Sinas | Redemptions in PIP Cases-Richard Burns | Dealing with ACP Obstructionism-Sean McNally | Law and Ethics of PIP & Auto Negligence Fee Contracts-Ken Mogill | Covenant Section: Practice Updates, Judicial Attitudes, Interventions, Managing Multiple Providers, Assignments/Anti-Assignment Clauses, Cooperative Plaintiff/Provider Relationships, Suing the Patient, Injured Person Perspective-Dick Hillary, Jerry Posner, Judge Patricia Fresard & Ron Sangster

Day 2-Tort     
Update on Tort Threshold
-George T. Sinas | Legislative Update-Steve Pontoni | Electronic Data: Cell Phones; Vehicle Infotainment Systems; ETC.-Matt Peterson | Distracted Driving/Human Factors Issues-Dr. Nancy Grugle | Work Loss/Survivors Loss Fundamentals and Calculation Issues-Adrienne Logeman | The Nuts and Bolts of Autonomous Vehicles, Crash Avoidance Technologies and Future of CarCrash Litigation-Jamie Jackson | Distracted Driving/Legal Issues and Tactics-Steve Gursten | Common Evidence Issues in Auto Trials-Tom Waun | Owners Liability and The Graves Amendment-Phil Serafini | Verdicts-PIP/Provider Verdict ($400k/$325k) v State Farm-Chris Filiatraut/Kevin McKeely; $75k Auto Neg, Limited Treatment, Zero Offer-Maureen Heilmann/Juliana Sabatini