2018 No-Fault Materials

the MAJ no-fault institute xv
Digital Recordings & Materials

Professionally recorded by Hanson Renaissance Court Reporters & Video at an MAJ Seminar conducted on October 4 & 5, 2018

Another excellent, well done Institute. In addition to the great comprehensive coverage and materials on matters we deal with daily, the talks on “specialty” subjects, the ones we may not have encountered or thought of, were extremely valuable. Every MAJ member dealing with no-fault needs to take advantage. Gerald Posner – Ponser, Posner & Posner, Farmington HIlls


Update to PIP Cases-Wayne Miller | Bazzi : Dealing with Rescission after the Supreme Court’s Decision-Bob June | Best Practices in PIP Cases: Prelitigation-Adrienne Logeman | Best Practices in PIP Cases: Pre-Trial Litigation-Jerry Acker Best Practices in PIP Cases: Trial-David E. Christensen & Nick Andrews | Barrier Free Home Accommodation-Jay Schreier | Dealing with ACP Obstructionism-Ross Gilders | Covenant: Legal Update Including New Insurance Bulletin-Richard Hillary | Covenant: Patient’s Perspective-Gerald Posner | Covenant: Provider’s Perspective-Bryan Schefman & Matt Payne | Covenant: Defense Perspective-Ron Sangster |Covenant: Judicial Perspective-Judge David Allen & Judge Alexis Krot | 3116 Liens-Jeff Bussell      

Day 2-Tort   
Update on Tort Threshold-George T. Sinas | Legislative Update-Kevin McKinney | Tort Liability: Driverless Cars-Steve Sinas | Ontario/Michigan Auto Liability & Insurance Issues-Jules Olsman & Greg Neinstein | Development & Trial of Negligent Entrustment Case-Tom Sinas | Overcoming Comparative Negligence in Rear End Collision Cases-Jeff Stewart & Tiffany Ellis | Trucking Insurance Coverage Issues-Chad Engelhardt | Probate Issues in Auto Practice-Andrew Black | Un/Underinsured Motorist Update-Scott Goodwin | Best Practices for Proving Threshold Injuries-Kevin Seiferheld