2019 TBI Seminar Materials

Winning TBI Cases for Adjusters and Juries

Moderator: Steve Gursten, Michigan Auto Law, Farmington Hills
Professionally recorded by Hanson Renaissance Court Reporting & Video at an MAJ Seminar conducted on September 6th, 2019.

“The TBI seminar was outstanding. Seminars such as this are invaluable.”
Kenneth R. Burch Sr.

• The #1 Thing Lawyers Can Do to Win a TBI Case, and The #1 Thing
   They Can Do to Lose One - Artemis Malekpour, North Carolina

• The Gap in Time/Delay in Diagnosis Defense is Not Fatal
   Steve Gursten, Farmington Hills

• Litigating Traumatic Brain Injury Cases: An Overview-Tom Crosley, Texas

• Crucial Medical Literature-Stewart Casper, Connecticut

• Introduction to Neuropsychology-Wayne Miller, Farmington Hills

• Objective Diagnostic Testing and Neuroimaging for TBI-Randy Rozek, Wisconsin

• Problems Beyond the Obvious TBI – What Else is Likely Going on But May Not be
   Getting Diagnosed - Woody Igou, Florida

• Five Things Every Lawyer Should Know About Neuropsychological Testing
  Allan Siegel, Washington DC