The No-Fault Tort Threshold Book

MAJ Proudly Announces
The public availability of the highly acclaimed auto no-fault tort law research tool entitled:

The No-Fault Tort Threshold:
A Comprehensive Survey of the Law

George T. Sinas
Joel T. Finnell
Sinas Dramis Law Firm


This in-depth analytical text is indispensable to acquiring and maintaining a full understanding of Michigan law regarding the auto no-fault tort threshold. Previously, the text was only available to persons ho attended MAJ’s annual No-Fault Institute. Recently, the authors have completely reorganized and improved the text so as to maximize its value to lawyers, judges, insurance claim representatives, and anyone else who interfaces with auto tort litigation under Michigan’s unique and recently amended Auto No-Fault statute. MCL 500.3101 et seq.

This loose-leaf notebook text is over 382 pages in length and has been made current through December 31, 2020. It contains chapters covering the following topics: The McCormick Threshold Analysis; Supreme Court Activity – Post-McCormick; Evolving Statistics; All Post-McCormick Cases – Chronological Index; All Post-McCormick Cases – Alphabetical Index; Injury Type Index; The Permanent Serious Disfigurement Threshold; and Post-McCormick Case Summary  Templates.

Lawyers who have reviewed this newly improved text have this to say:

Wayne J. Miller (MAJ No-Fault Committee Chairman)

The Comprehensive Periodic Case Law Survey by George Sinas and Joel Finnell is absolutely required reading for anyone handling third party auto negligence cases in Michigan. It is indeed comprehensive, but incredibly user  friendly. The Survey abstracts cases in many different categories (e.g., injury types, chronological order of cases, etc.) so that the user can access cases from many different perspectives. I consider this my bible for Michigan auto negligence cases and we all owe a large debt of gratitude to George and Joel.

Ronald K. Weiner (MAJ President-Elect)

The No-Fault Threshold – A Comprehensive Periodic Case Law Survey is an encyclopedia of serious impairment law and practice. The analysis of historical changes and current trends in 3rd party auto jurisprudence provide a helpful understanding of each prong of the threshold. Also included are detailed summaries of every appellate case issued since McCormick v. Carrier. This is a terrific resource that I intend to peruse often and recommend for everyone practicing in this area.