Champion of Justice

The Champion of Justice Award is given out at the Michigan Association for Justice's Annual Banquet.  The award is given to an individual in appreciation of their commitment to the civil justice system and to perserving the rights of citizens.

2015: Sherwin Schreier

2014: George T. Sinas

2013: Honorable Avern Cohn

2012: Norman Tucker

2011: Jane R. Bailey

2010: Barry Goodman and Governor Jennifer Granholm

2009: Honorable Jessica Cooper and Mark Brewer

2008: Janet Brandon

2007: Honorable Dianne Byrum

2006: Honorable Richard Skutt

2005: Barry Waldman

2004: Mark Weiss

2003: Honorable Gary McDonald, Honorable Gary Peters, and William Goodman

2002: Honorable Damon Keith

2001: Honorable Carl Levin and Ted Sachs

2000: Honorable Claudia House Morcom

1998: Dean Robb, Honorable Ted Wallace, and Honorable Alan Cropsey

1997: Sheldon Miller and Harry Philo



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