Spotlight on an MAJ Member


APRIL 2019

Lee B. Steinberg, PC 


Although Southfield attorney Eric Steinberg is the son of a trial lawyer, he didn’t think while growing up that he would become an attorney. “I graduated from the U of M Business School and had a position offered at a hedge fund in New York City. I ended up working in finance in Chicago after college but found the finance world unfulfilling. I didn’t enjoy pumping out spreadsheets and it didn’t fit my personality,” stated Steinberg.

He ended up taking a job as a paralegal at a corporate law firm and really enjoyed working with attorneys in putting their cases together. “I performed a lot investigative research for my clients and created my own trial exhibits from scratch. I quickly discovered if you want to win, no job is too small and no task is too menial. Although it was corporate litigation and very different than personal injury law, at the end of the day, we were dealing with people and their problems, which I enjoyed,” said Steinberg.

He became a member of MAJ almost immediately upon passing the Bar and moving back to Michigan. “I thought it was crucial I help support the organization that represents all trial lawyers throughout the state. This was during a time of an unrelenting anti-consumer and anti-plaintiff Michigan Supreme Court that was issuing one result-oriented ruling after another.

“Corporations and anti-consumer groups have taken over the country in political, economic and cultural terms. The government does little to nothing to ensure product safety and regulate bad actors. The worst that happens is a small fine and a slap on the wrist. It’s the fear of damages in civil court that has led to safer cars, cleaner water, and in general better products than a generation ago. We need this to continue. It is important for trial lawyers to support and be a part of MAJ because let’s face it, if we don’t support ourselves and our clients, who


Steinberg is on MAJ’s Executive Board and a monthly contributor to Justice PAC. “Supporting the PAC ensures we have the financial clout for folks in decision making roles to understand our needs and the needs of our clients. If we don’t do it for them, nobody else will.”

Steinberg’s cases range from auto accidents, no-fault, and premises liability to complicated construction accidents and products liability cases. “I’ve been fortunate to have been able to work on a wide variety of cases over the years. I have not been pigeon-holed into one type of practice area, which keeps things interesting. The firm I work for, which was founded by my supportive and compassionate father, Lee Steinberg, handles all types of personal injury law. We have a tremendous staff of legal professionals who work hard to fight for our clients.”

The most satisfying cases to Steinberg are those that involve helping families achieve financial comfort after the death of a loved one. “One such case in particular involved a very young mom who lost her husband tragically in a car accident. The insurance company for the at-fault driver at first was extremely recalcitrant. But with hard work, I was able to achieve a very favorable result for her.”

Outside of work, Steinberg enjoys spending time with his wife Esther and their kids, Sophie and Alex. “We love traveling around Michigan and finding new adventures. Like many, I both love and disdain following politics, but my passion for Michigan football will never fade (I hope).”