Spotlight on an MAJ Member

steffani chocron

november 2017

Lipton Law Center, PC

Southfield attorney Steffani Chocron says that when looking for jobs in law school, it was apparent that being a trial lawyer was the route that would be best for her.  "I was not good at sitting behind a desk drafting documents for other attorneys to argue.  I wanted to be the one convincing a court or jury about my case," stated Chocron.

About one month into her first job, her first boss, Ray Horenstein, took her to a fundraiser for Debbie Stabenow's campaign for State Senate. "I saw first-hand this group of attorneys working together to fight for justice not only for their clients in the court room but in the broader public arena as well.  The early exposure to this dynamic group had a lasting impression.  I became an MAJ member in 1991, and immediately recognized the value of the seminars, (which I continue to attend 25 years later) as well as the other aspects of being a member," said Chocron.

She added, "MAJ offers more than just a venue for our political voices to be heard, it offers mentorship, comradery and a community of attorneys. MAJ members truly have an open door to fellow members.  As a member, you have a network of associates to bounce ideas off of and learn from.  That is important at all stages of your career."

Chocron is a member of the MAJ executive board, a monthly JPAC contributor, and, along with a great group of other women trial lawyers, has started the MAJ Women Lawyers Caucus.  "The purpose of the caucus is to promote access to justice for all in Michigan while addressing and promoting the specific issues facing women in law and facing our female clients. In addition, the Women Lawyers Caucus promotes interest and participation in MAJ.  Other states' Women Caucuses have led to increased membership in the organizations, and we are hoping to have the same result here."

Chocron believes it's important to devote time, energy and money to help further the goals of our organization.  "We have to educate the public regarding the laws that are constantly being brought up in the legislature that can have devastating consequences to the citizens of our state.  The movement against public good is strong and has unlimited funds behind them. We have to support Justice PAC to ensure that we have a chance for our message to be heard."

While all attorneys at Lipton Law handle their own dockets, Chocron believes that their success is really derived from the strong team at the firm. "Whether it is trial advocacy, expert depositions, legal writing or business development, we all combine our efforts for the good of each case."

Chocron's most memorable case was a hit and run auto accident in Brooklyn, Michigan.  "The truck that hit my client lost part of its mirror on the road.  The Brooklyn police department traced the truck from the mirror and located it in Oklahoma and found the Michigan driver that drove the truck to Oklahoma to sell it under the radar and prosecuted him.  It took 9 months from the date of the accident before the police found and arrested the driver.  The re-creation of the trail that led the police to the defendant read like a script from Law and Order.  I took the defendant's video deposition while he was in jail, to show him at his best to the jury. The case settled shortly thereafter.

"However, I think the medical malpractice settlements as a whole are the most satisfying but also bitter sweet.  After two years of fighting on most of these cases, at the end it feels good to have the defendants pay on a case as this typically gives our clients closure.  Sadly, the settlement does not bring back a family's loved one or make them whole again."

Outside of the practice of law, Chocron enjoys spending time with her family, travelling and cooking.  "And while I love all of the MAJ seminars and learn a lot from them, my favorite seminar is the Annual Seminar in the Snow at Shanty Creek!"

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