Spotlight on an MAJ Member

Brad Peri

january 2018

Goodman Acker P.C.

Bradley Peri became a member of MAJ in July 2011 after joining Goodman Acker.  “I joined because I saw first-hand from other attorneys in the office how valuable MAJ was to the practice of personal injury law.  I also wanted to join a group that provided mentorship, support and guidance through all avenues of the practice of law,” stated Peri.

He added, “Belonging to MAJ is important because many MAJ members may have experienced the same issues through litigation and can give insight on how to address each issue, as well as advice on how to become a better trial attorney.  MAJ also gives access to the list server and many seminars which are very beneficial no matter how long you have been practicing law.”

Peri believes it’s important to support Justice PAC to ensure that clients’ messages are heard. “Justice continues to get harder and harder to achieve with the current laws in place, as well as those proposed for enactment. MAJ is stronger when we all are together.  We all come from different backgrounds, have different political beliefs, etc., but we need to remember that we are an organization banded together for the common purpose of achieving justice.  If we lose sight of that, then we all are lost.”

A jack-of-all-trades, Peri stated, “I practice a wide range of personal injury law, including first party no-fault, third party auto negligence, general negligence, premises liability, medical malpractice, dog bites and long/short term ERISA disability claims. Prior to joining Goodman Acker, I also practiced criminal law throughout the tri-county Detroit area.

“Goodman Acker is distinctive because of the care each individual attorney puts toward each client and case. Unlike many other law firms, Goodman Acker does not departmentalize its services. We maintain a ‘small firm philosophy,’ meaning the attorney and team a client is assigned to at the initial meeting stays the same through the resolution of their case. Operating this way allows us to develop personal relationships with our clients and gives us the perfect formula for obtaining the best possible results.”                  

Peri believes the most satisfying aspect of being a trial attorney is helping the client and family become whole again. “The process of contacting an attorney, scheduling a consultation and then filing a lawsuit can be extremely overwhelming for many clients.  That is why it is always satisfying at the end of the case to see the happiness and stress lifted from each respective client.”

Married for four years, Peri and his wife have a two-year-old son and are expecting their second child in April.  Outside of the practice of law, Peri said, “I am an avid golfer and organize an annual golf outing each year to raise funds for ALS of Michigan.  Also, my wife and I love to travel.  Some of our favorite places to visit are Napa Valley, California, Siesta Key, Florida, New York and Costa Rica.”

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