Spotlight on an MAJ Member

Jordan acker

JULY 2018

Goodman Acker, PC – Southfield

When he left Michigan for DC, Jordan Acker fully expected to go to law school and then work on Capitol Hill or in Public Policy.  However, the concept of helping people, especially in their worst moments in life, drove him to become a trial attorney.

“MAJ has always had a role in my life because my father, Gerald Acker, has always been very active with MAJ and is a past-president.  I joined MAJ in 2013 after leaving the Obama Administration.  MAJ is the greatest resource plaintiff attorneys have.  The list server and seminars have been incredibly helpful in my practice,” stated Acker.

Multiple generations of several families work at Goodman Acker.  “This is a true family business.  The people are incredible, and the opportunity to work alongside some of the legends in this business, like Barry Goodman, makes work absolutely worthwhile,” stated Acker.

Like many attorneys, Acker’s most memorable case was his first trial win.  “For a small MRI facility, we won a $6,800 verdict, which was promptly turned into $45,000 in attorney fees by the court. Hearing the feedback from the jury, the happiness of my client, and of course, the look on the adjuster’s face when she realized that the jury knew she lied on the stand made it a pretty remarkable experience.  Although there are several very satisfying cases where a settlement was reached after an adjuster was caught not telling the truth, I would say one that particularly stands out is a case I am working on currently with a former law school classmate. It is a pro-bono case that has just been taken up by the Supreme Court to restore parental rights to a woman who had them unjustly taken away. While this is entirely outside of our practice areas, the small role I’ve been able to play in this case, coupled with the result, is incredibly satisfying.”

Acker is a monthly contributor to Justice PAC.  “The one thing I know from politics is how important it is to have allies, in Lansing and in Washington, regardless of political party. Electing legislators and a governor who are willing to stand up for the rights of injured parties is crucial to our state. I give to Justice PAC because we need more of those allies in January 2019.”

Outside of the area of law, Acker loves basketball, Michigan sports, and his two little girls, ages 3 and 1.  “I’m currently running to be the first person to graduate in this century (from high school or college) to serve on the University of Michigan Board of Regents, so that campaign takes up a lot of my time these days.  While I really appreciate MAJ’s endorsement for U of M Regent, please check out my website, And, of course, I’d appreciate your support at the August convention and on the ballot in November.”