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2017 Summer Seminar Recording Sale-Members Only

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Recordings offered as FULL SETS ONLY on USB with all digital written materials submitted by speakers.

1.  2016 71st Annual Seminar-New Ways to Succeed-4/15/16

Dealing with Medicare and Medicaid Liens in 3rd Party and General Liability Cases-Donna MacKenzie-Olsman, MacKenzie & Wallace, PC, Berkley | Negligence of Premises Owner: Featuring Tips from a $4.6M Verdict-MAJ Past President Robert Raitt-Michigan Auto Law, Farmington Hills | Don’t be a Defendant: Top Tips to Avoid Legal Malpractice-Ray Horenstein-Rosenfeld Insurance Agency, Farmington Hills | Federal Process, Remedies and Rules of Civil Procedure-David Blanchard-Blanchard & Walker, PLLC, Ann Arbor | The Role of Corporate Liability in Trucking and Auto Cases-Tom James-Michigan Auto Law, Farmington Hills | First Party Auto Legal Update-Wayne Miller-Miller & Tischler, PC,  Farmington Hills | Third Party Auto and No-Fault Legislative Update-Tom Sinas-Sinas Dramis Brake Boughton & McIntryre, PC, Grand Rapids | Winning Direct Examination-MAJ President Ven Johnson-Johnson Law, Detroit | Cross Examination-MAJ Vice President Brian McKeen-McKeen &Associates, Detroit.

2.  2016 No-Fault Institute XIII-9/15-16/16

Update on PIP Cases-Robert Logeman, Logeman Iafrate & Logeman, PC, Ann Arbor  | The Joinder/Res Judicata Mess and Provider Standing-Richard Hillary, Miller Johnson, Grand Rapids, Maureen Kinsella, Miller & Tischler, PC, Farmington Hills  & Matt Payne, Haas & Goldstein PC, Farmington Hills | The Fraud Defense-Stanley Okoli, Romano Law PLLC, Pleasant Ridge & Jake Yeater, The Mike Morse Law Firm, Southfield  | IME Developments-Steve Gursten, Michigan Auto Law, Farmington Hills  & William Decker, William W. Decker, Jr. LLC, Grand Rapids | PIP Sanctions: Interest and Attorney Fees-Adrienne Logeman, Logeman Iafrate & Logeman PC, Ann Arbor  Formulating Themes for First Party Litigation: Don’t Lose Sight of the Forest for the Trees-David E. Christensen, Christensen Law, Southfield, Gary Blumberg, Gary R. Blumberg, PC, Dearborn & Nick Andrews, Liss Seder & Andrews PC, Bloomfield Hills  | Intro to No-Fault Priorities-Wayne Miller-Miller & Tischler, PC, Farmington Hills | The Continuing Evolution of No-Fault Causation Law: PIP and Tort Cases-Steve Sinas-Sinas Dramis Brake Boughton & McIntryre, PC, Lansing | Charging for Your Legal Services: Law and Practice of Attorney Fees-Pratheep Sevanthinathan, The Seva Law Firm, Troy  | Update on Tort Threshold- George T. Sinas, Sinas, Dramis, Brake, Boughton & McIntyre, Lansing and Grand Rapids Proving Life Impact in Threshold Cases: Judicial References and Medical Research- Tom Sinas, Sinas, Dramis, Brake, Boughton & McIntyre, Grand Rapids Medicare Double Damages Claims-Bryan Schefman, Schefman & Associates, PC, Bloomfield Hills Appellate Issues: Including the Status of Textualism- Mark Granzotto, Mark Granzotto, PC, Berkley | Uber and Other Ride Sharing Services- Tom Sinas, Sinas, Dramis, Brake, Boughton & McIntyre, Grand Rapids & Randy Musbach, Law Offices of Randy Musbach, Chelsea | Motorcycles Under the No-Fault Law-Ron Sangster, Law Offices of Ronald M. Sangster PLLC, Troy  | The Trojan Horse Method Helps Unwinnable Motorcycle Injury Case-Jason Waechter, Law Offices of Jason A. Waechter, Southfield  | Electronic Data Recorders/Black Box; Biomechanics-David E. Christensen, Christensen Law, Southfield & Milea Vislosky, Miller & Tischler, PC, Farmington Hills | Verdicts Clinic: PIP v LM- Dewnya Bazzi, At Law Group PLLC, Dearborn.

3.  2016 Jury Bias/Medical Malpractice Seminar (MAJ Plaintiff Members Only)-12/02/16

JURY BIAS-Psychology of a Medical Malpractice Case and Inside the Mind of the Medical Malpractice Juror. Featuring National Speakers: David Wenner, Snyder and Wenner, P.C., Phoenix AZ-David Wenner is a very successful trial attorney and nationally recognized authority on litigation, trial strategy and jury selection. He helped to develop a Jury Bias Model™ that is used by many of the finest plaintiff firms in America. He has decades of experience researching juror judgment and decision-making. Bud DeLuca, DeLuca & Weizenbaum, Providence, RI-Amato “Bud” DeLuca has practiced law for more than three decades, focusing his work in the areas of Medical Negligence, Catastrophic Injury, and Product Liability.  He has published and lectured extensively in his field of practice including areas of:  Overcoming Juror Bias; Countering Negative Juror Perceptions and Beliefs; and Juror Psychodynamics. | Millennials in Medical Malpractice: Learning the Ropes-Emily Thomas, Reiter & Walsh, PC, Bloomfield Hills, Dina Zalewski, The Thurswell Law Firm PLLC, Southfield, and Emily Peacock, Olsman MacKenzie & Wallace, Berkley | Don’t Let the Evidentiary Gates Shut on Your Case: Navigating Rule 702 and Daubert Issues for Reliable Expert Witness Testimony-Chad Engelhardt, Goethel Engelhardt PLLC, Ann Arbor | Updates on the Law/Latest Appellate Decisions that Affect Our Practice-Mark Granzotto, Mark Granzotto, PC, Berkley

4.  2017 Workers’ Compensation/Social Security Seminar-1/13/17

National Workers’ Compensation Issues & Trends-Joel Alpert, Alpert & Alpert, Southfield MI | Workers’ Compensation Law Update-Granner Ries, Clinton Township, MI | Policy Update from NOSSCR-Lea Ko,  NOSSCR, Engelwood Cliffs, NJ | Vocational Rehabilitation Hearings-Barry Adler, Adler Stilman PLLC, Farmington Hills, MI Workers’ Compensation Trials & Evidence-Magistrate David Williams, Pontiac Hearing Site  Orthopedic Injuries-Matthew C. Sardelli, M.D., OrthoMichigan | Spotting Employment Law Issues & Other Remedies-Zachary Mack, Law Offices of Zachary B. Mack PLLC, Waterford, MI | Social Security Vocational Expert Cross Examination -David Chermol, Chermol & Fishman, LLC, Philadelphia, PA | Veteran Disability Claims-Mike Viterna, Law Office of Michael R. Viterna PLLC, Belleville, MI | Medical Deposition Tips & Strategies-Stephen Harris, Bloomfield Hills, MI

5.  2017 27th Annual Seminar in the Snow-2/3-4/16  

Peter Peacock-Everyone’s a Winner: How to Get the Right Result at Facilitation; Judge Kevin Elsenheimer-A New View from the Bench; Ian Lyngklip-Finding Consumer Law Claims Within No-Fault and Employment Cases; Gary Kozma-Dram Shop Cases Against Tribal Casinos; David Shafer-Deserving 17-year-old Plaintiff Receives a $2.7 Million Dollar Verdict on a $30,000 Offer in Muskegon: How and Why This Occurred?; Mark Mueller-Problems of Trying the 3rd Party/UM Case Together; Troy Haney-Escaping ERISA Reimbursement, an ERISA Presentation Worth Staying Awake for-Part I; Brian Molde-Escaping ERISA Reimbursement, an ERISA Presentation Worth Staying Awake for-Part II; Matthew Payne-IME Attack Plan