Alan Latham

June 2020

Latham Law, Birmingham 

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.  - Martin Luther King Jr. 

“A trial lawyer is in the ultimate position to ensure protection of the people through a relentless pursuit of justice in all forms.  I was motivated to become a personal injury and consumer protection attorney to ensure a winning voice for the ‘little people’ against big corporations, which may be defined as a ‘person’ under the law, but corporations do not have beating hearts,” stated Birmingham attorney Alan Latham. 

Latham became a member of MAJ in 2013 upon passing the bar while working for a prominent personal injury firm where it was strongly suggested that each attorney belong to MAJ.  “I view MAJ membership as a necessity to collaborate with like-minded attorneys that are warriors for the people both professionally and politically to protect the public at large.  Additionally, building relationships is important in this profession. At times, we evaluate each other’s cases at case evaluation and arbitration and we refer business and cases to people we trust. MAJ helps trial lawyers build these relationships and we tackle difficult legal issues and circumstances collectively through sharing our best practices.”

A member of the MAJ executive board and an AAJ State Delegate, Latham’s firm also sponsors MAJ in ways like the annual New Lawyers’ Oktoberfest event, the silent auction, and the MAJ Builder’s Circle which is a fund dedicated to maintaining and improving MAJ’s new home.  “I am also a contributor to Justice PAC because political power and the almighty dollar dictates the law.  Our political power is only as strong as the individuals that support it. The law, so long as we endlessly strive to protect the law in favor of the people, allows a power shifting mechanism for our society to judge the big corporation through the power of the jury.  As trial lawyers, it is our duty to be warriors for the people and now, more than ever, to engage ourselves as a group politically, to eradicate injustices, whether it be tort caps in medical malpractice, products liability and, most recently, no-fault.  These political moves are in favor of the big ‘corporation’ to lessen the power of the people and the right of a jury to render verdicts that will promote better products, services and ultimately the safety of our public at large. Monthly contributions are vital to ensure that our voice is heard.”

The law is never settled until it is settled right; the law is never settled until it is just; and The law is not just until it serves society to the fullest. – MAJ Past President Harry M. Philo

“As a young professional, I worked in automotive collections for Chrysler Financial in the midst of the financial collapse. The corporate experience motivated me to fight for the ‘little people’ in both consumer protection, particularly against the Big Three and dealerships, and personal injury. 

“Our firm takes a personal, in-depth and open-door approach to our clients and cases.  We take on cases that other firms have rejected as ‘losers,’ and transform them into ‘winners.’”

Outside of the law practice, Latham enjoys hanging out with his wife Rene Gruber (also an MAJ member) and their two young children, going to the movies, golfing, watching Michigan basketball and football, meditation, travel and philanthropy.