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Membership Benefits

Hard Work Isn't Always Enough.
To Stay Ahead, You Need MAJ On Your Side.

You work hard each day to succeed. But the legal world is changing fast. Sometimes your hard work alone just isn't enough to keep you ahead. And the adversaries of civil justice are many. That's why access to MAJ Membership Services is so valuable.

MAJ's member services and products have been developed by the state's best trial lawyers to help you save money and time.

With MAJ on your side, you'll have an invaluable ally in today's very competitive legal world.

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Cutting edge seminars, list serves featuring some of the best legal minds in Michigan, products like audio and video tapes and publications designed to help you help your clients, and being part of the ongoing political and legislative fight for justice. Click Here for MAJ Application!

Add 900 Partners to your Firm! 
MAJ members love the MAJ list serves. It's like adding more than 700 senior partners to your firm. Recent topics include notorious DMEs, winning after Kreiner, Apsey precautions, the ridiculous costs of copying medical records, the med mal cap, and the judicial election/appointment process.

Our Listserve agreement is available here.

Sign Up for our New Family Law List Serve 
Are you one of the many MAJ members whose practice includes family law? We've created a new list serve devoted entirely to family law issues. Whether you're experienced in family law or just getting your feet wet, MAJ's Family Law list serve is the perfect forum for learning and sharing.

MAJ's unique and powerful seminars are renowned for educational value. From the Fast Track Workshops to the Evening Forums to our dynamic full-day and Rapid-Fire seminars, MAJ's seminars will keep you on the leading edge of Michigan law. 

**Michigan Association for Justice is pleased to announce the availability of income replacement insurance (disability income insurance) offered with a permanent 10% discount for our members.   

Keeping Your Income Strong.

Protecting your income.  This offer has been made available to help you protect your income and lifestyle against the financial set-backs a long-term disability could create.  Disabilities can sometimes be more financially draining than death itself.

This unique offering includes industry-leading products that protect multiple types of income, such as:

  • Base Salary
  • Incentive Compensation
  • Retirement Contributions

Michigan Association for Justice has chosen this program because it provides feature-rich products that deliver more benefits sooner, in more scenarios, and for more sources of income than most carriers in the market.  Take full advantage of the added-value your membership brings you because there is no better time than now to evaluate how to replace your income if your income earning abilities change due to a disability.

To provide this offer to our members, we have partnered with financial professional Alexander Garrett.  In the coming months, he will be conducting “Lunch & Learn” seminars in your area to discuss this offer in more detail.  If you’d like to learn more about this valuable benefit to you and your family now, please contact Alexander at 248-396-4493 to schedule an appointment.

Finally, here’s a real life story about Kevin, a 39 year old attorney who suffered a head injury while playing basketball…click here for Kevin's story

Litigation Support 
In litigation, knowledge is power. MAJ's members-only research and reference banks are powerful resources to have on your side as you prepare your case.

  • Expert Witness Bank
  • Interrogatory Bank
  • Defense Experts' Deposition Bank
  • Brief Bank 

Master Mentor Program 
New to the law? Just hung a shingle out as a sole practitioner? No one to turn to for professional advice or guidance on a case? MAJ's Master Mentor program can help. MAJ Master Mentors are experienced attorneys who want to give something back to the profession -- their insights and experience. Learn more about helping -- or getting some needed guidance -- by calling Susan at 517.321.3073. 

Michigan Citizens Watch 
Inform and educate your clients on important civil justice and legislative issues with your own personalized edition of Michigan Citizens Watch. Published three times annually to help you keep in contact with your friends and clients. 

Good lawyers need good support. MAJ's outstanding publications and reference guides will save you time and money. MAJ members receive substantial discounts on all products.

  • MAJ 'White Papers' series
  • Starting the Case 2011 - An Updated Manual of Complaints
  • No-Fault "Red Book"
  • Interrogatory Book
  • Medical Malpractice Cases Annotated

MAJ's partnership with TrialSmith connects plaintiff lawyers with valuable resources across the nation.  Website access to 7 listserves,and to an online interface where you can purchase MAJ Briefs, Interrogatories and other legal documents, and order Depositions from the world's largest collection at TrialSmith. 

It's easy to stay up-to-date on the latest verdicts, settlements, case law, trial strategies and happenings in the State Capitol with MAJ's information packed newsletters and member mailings. 

New Lawyers 
MAJ has placed special emphasis on personal services for new lawyers. Our hugely successful "Fast Track" workshops and our "Master Mentor" programs are designed to help new lawyers put their careers in the fast lane.

Legislative Action 
Decisions affecting your ability to represent your clients effectively are made every day in the State Capitol. MAJ staff are at the State Capitol to represent your interests and defend the right to jury trial.

MAJ JUSTICE PAC gives you an opportunity to speak out and support quality candidates with the combined might of your MAJ colleagues.

Amicus Curiae 
Do you have an important case headed to appeal? E-mail MAJ to inquire about amicus support.

And More!

  • Seminar audio and video tapes
  • Long distance phone service discounts
  • UPS overnight discounts
  • Amicus Curiae briefs
  • conference calling discounts