David Femminineo

October 2016 MAJ Pacesetter

Mt. Clemens attorney David Femminineo’s father was a practicing attorney in Macomb County for 27 years and certainly had the greatest impact upon David’s decision to become a trial lawyer.  “Unfortunately, my father passed away during my last semester of law school and I was never able to practice with him.  I feel that his spirit lives within me when I practice law on a daily basis.  He was a general practitioner who handled the occasional injury case and referred out the larger and more complicated injury matters.  I saw the great respect that my dad had for the strictly dedicated trial attorneys,” stated Femminineo.

Femminineo became a member of MAJ at the behest of Past President Scott Goodwin.  “Scott and his partner, Jim Scieszka, encouraged me to become an active MAJ member and to attend seminars and to learn from those who have been successful doing it for many years.  I listened to their advice and have benefitted greatly.  I am now a member of the Executive Board of MAJ.  I am proud to say that I still believe that the most beneficial part of being a member of MAJ is the advice and consult that fellow members are willing to generously provide by way of seminars, list server, and even an old fashioned phone call.”

A monthly contributor to Justice PAC, Femminineo believes that the donations of MAJ members to our causes are tremendously important to maintaining our constitutional right to a jury trial.  “As long as our leadership continues to fight for this right, this cause remains of paramount importance.”

During his career, Femminineo has specialized in representing victims of auto accidents.  “Although I practice state wide, my practice is highly concentrated in Macomb County.  I believe that this provides me with an important level of familiarity and trust with the practitioners and Bench of Macomb.  I hold great trust and respect for my clients and their rights.  It is most satisfying to me when my client feels, at the end of their case, that they have been handed a result that is reflective of their personal tragedy following their auto accident.  I take these results to heart.”

Technology has allowed Femminineo the ability to remain connected to his office 24/7.  “This allows me to spend time with my wife, Rebecca, and our four children, Zachary (11), Evan (7), Abree (4) and Mia (4).   Outside of the office, my time is spent at soccer games/practices, gymnastics and coaching baseball.”