Jason Liss
March 2014 Pacesetter

Jason L. Liss

March 2014 Pacesetter


Fabian, Sklar & King, P.C, Farmington Hills

Farmington Hills attorney Jason Liss comes from a long line of lawyers, including his father and uncle who are both long-time sustaining members of MAJ.  “I guess I would say that it was naturally in my blood, but I didn’t know how good of a fit it was for me until after I had been practicing for a few years,” stated Liss.

Liss has been a member of MAJ for 20 years and a member of MAJ’s Executive Board since 2008.  “I joined MAJ right after I graduated from law school and went to work with my father.  Joining MAJ was one of the first orders of business because it is an organization with like-minded attorneys who represent and advocate for the types of clients we represented.”

Liss believes that every trial lawyer needs to belong to MAJ to keep our voice loud and our influence strong.  “As much as we would all like for justice to be blind, in the real world, we know that is not the case. Particularly with regard to the legislative process which oftentimes appears to substitute blinders for justice’s blindfold. In reality, the justice we seek in our courtrooms is as much a function of the political process as any other of branch of government.  Without influence and a strong voice, our clients have little hope of maintaining a level playing field or accountability against the corporate interests which continually seek to shape our laws to serve their own interests.  Trial lawyers representing injured plaintiffs are one of the few voices who have the means and ability to level the playing field and hold those corporate interests seeking justice only for themselves accountable.  As a trial lawyer and a member of an organization which advocates justice for my clients, it is my duty to do my share and contribute to JUSTICE PAC.”

Liss’s firm, Fabian, Sklar & King, PC, represents homeowners, business owners and other policyholders who have suffered property damage due to fires and other covered causes of loss.  “We also represent victims, or their estates, injured or killed in fire and explosion incidents.”

The most memorable case for Liss, and perhaps the most satisfying, was a wrongful death case stemming from a house explosion that he tried with one of his partners against Consumers Energy.  “Neither we, nor Consumers Energy, spared any expense preparing and presenting our cases.  We had the pleasure of working with some of the foremost experts in fire investigation, metallurgy and corrosion control.  We even had our experts build a mock-up of a portion of the house and then had them blow it up in order to disprove the defense’s gas migration theory.”

Outside of the practice of law, Liss’s three boys keep him busy.  “All of my sons are competitive tennis players.  My wife and I have taken them all over the Midwest for tennis tournaments.  It can be the most rewarding experience at times, and the most frustrating experience at other times.”