Karen Seder


february 2019

Liss, Seder & Andrews, PC

Bloomfield Hills

Bloomfield Hills attorney Karen Seder has been told that at a young age she declared that she would be an attorney.  Although practicing law is not a family business and neither of her parents attended college, they successfully encouraged her and her sisters to get degrees.  “I am driven by a sense of fairness, equity and equal opportunity.  As an attorney, I continue to be motivated by the privilege of speaking for others that would not otherwise speak for themselves,” stated Seder. 

Nearly 30 years ago Seder was hired by the senior partner of her firm, Arthur Liss, as a temporary law clerk the summer after her second year of law school to work on a condominium construction case.  “My involvement in that case gave me the best practice reference that has held true to this day as well as the foundation to become managing partner of the same firm where I started as temporary help.” She added, “My partners and I are no-fault attorneys specializing in catastrophic brain and spinal cord injuries.  We work our cases together so our collective experience is given to each client.  My subspecialty is attendant care in a home environment. I maintain a labor-intensive, low-volume, pro-active practice.”

Seder has been a member of MAJ since 1998.  “The more experienced attorneys in my firm recommended it years ago as a resource for shared information, education, comradery and support.  Membership in MAJ provides unmatched access to resources through seminars, the list server, and political updates.  I have found MAJ members to be generous with their experiences, viewpoints, practice pointers and work product.”

A monthly contributor to Justice PAC, Seder said, “MAJ is made up of various legal specialties and diverse political viewpoints, yet we share a common goal of protecting access to justice.  Speaking with a clear, collective voice on the issue is critical to the preservation of our rights and that of our clients.  Being heard in today’s world is expensive and it is important to me to contribute to Justice PAC in furtherance of this goal.” 

For Seder, the most satisfying type of case is one that is taken through trial to a jury verdict.  “When a paralyzed client requires a certain level of care to stay alive but their auto insurance company is not listening, we litigate and try the case if necessary.  We try to educate the insurance carrier through every step of pre-litigation and litigation working toward a pre-trial resolution; however, some carriers refuse to listen to the experts and want to hear it from a jury.  The bond between client and attorney can be lifelong.  The client’s sense of vindication at the conclusion of the trial can be palpable.”

Seder, who graduated from Wayne State Law School in Detroit, loves spending time in the city attending festivals, sporting events, Fisher Theatre productions, dining and shopping. "I also enjoy traveling, especially active travel involving hiking, zip-lining, or white water rafting," said Seder.