Kelly Kruse

MAJ Pacesetter

Her dad was a football coach and Bloomfield Hills attorney Kelly Kruse was one of his biggest fans.

“Growing up I definitely wanted to follow in his footsteps and be a football coach myself.  As I got older, I figured out that the career options for a female football coach were significantly limited.  Practicing law, in particular litigating, had so many similarities to coaching.  Both require preparation, attention to detail, evaluating strengths and weaknesses, analyzing the opposition and the excitement of winning and losing,” stated Kruse.

A member since 1993, Kruse began her career working for a firm which primarily represented insurance companies and defendants.  “When I left that firm, I decided to focus my practice on plaintiff’s law and representing people who had few other allies.  Joining MAJ was a natural progression and affiliation. One of the biggest benefits of belonging to MAJ is having access to the tremendous research and strategy resource which the members bring to the table and the ability to pool resources and brain power for the greater good of the MAJ members and our clients.  Many objectives simply can’t be accomplished alone. The listserver has been an invaluable tool in my practice.  The generosity of MAJ members who share their expertise, research and experiences every day is an indispensable asset to our practice.  The same is true of the expert and doctor deposition bank.  Recently, I discovered that MAJ also offers associations with numerous vendors that offer discounts to MAJ members - another great benefit from MAJ.”

A monthly contributor to JUSTICE PAC, Kruse believes that supporting JPAC is, “...not only important, it’s vital.”  Kruse added, “Individually, its unlikely that most individual members of MAJ could meaningfully advocate for the rights of individuals against the interests of insurance companies and corporations.  Collectively, our voice is significantly stronger.  JPAC is the vehicle which allows us to accomplish these goals.”

Kruse realizes that not every profession has the opportunity to experience having a positive impact on another person’s life.  “It sounds trite, but the most satisfying aspect of being a trial attorney is helping clients who have been victimized by the negligence, discrimination, harassment or intentional bad acts of others,” said Kruse.  She added, “Not every situation with which our clients are confronted lends itself to litigation.  While there are many situations which cannot be resolved without a lawsuit, there are also times when our clients need a different approach to resolving their issues.  We strive to identify the best approach for our clients’ needs - whether it is filing a lawsuit or taking a different route.”

Kruse grew up in Chicago and moved to Michigan 20 years ago after getting married.  She and her husband live in Oxford.  Outside of her law practice, Kruse enjoys golf, football, traveling, and spending time with her friends and family.