Regina Meo

MAJ Pacesetter

When she was 17, Sterling Heights attorney Regina Meo worked a summer job as a receptionist at Frank R. Langton & Associates, PC.  “I had not yet decided on a career choice but after working there and being exposed to the practice of law, I decided to be an attorney,” stated Meo.

Meo worked as a legal secretary while getting her undergraduate degree and as a law clerk when she started at Detroit College of Law.  “My parents had separated when I was finishing my last semester as an undergraduate, so I had limited resources.  I had thoughts of waiting to attend law school, but Frank was adamant that I continue, and I am so glad I did.”

A member since 1994, Meo joined MAJ because she wanted to be part of an organization that helped people who were injured as a result of someone else’s negligence.  “My first exposure to a law firm was a plaintiff’s firm whose clients were injured with pending litigation against insurance companies.  Among other things, I saw the injustice in the denial of no-fault benefits to injured victims.  MAJ is a great way to network with other attorneys.  The seminars are invaluable and keep attorneys informed of current changes in the law that may affect their caseload.  The speakers are always well-prepared and share their work product to assist other members.  From the deposition bank to the listserver to the seminars - MAJ is a great resource for attorneys.” 

Meo is “of counsel” to Frank R. Langton and Associates, PC, and her practice has always been diversified with a concentration regarding personal injuries.  “I have enjoyed pursuing the various causes of action over the years including civil rights actions for claimants in fair housing discrimination lawsuits.  I represented a family in a familial status discrimination lawsuit, which resulted in one of the largest jury awards ever made in a familial status case in the United States. I am involved in every aspect of my cases and enjoy close working relationships with all of my clients. 

“There is no substitute for the satisfaction of being the tool to bring justice to a client who has been wronged by an insurance company.  We as trial lawyers often are pursuing the justice that cannot necessarily change the nature or extent of injuries/disabilities sustained by our clients but can make a great difference with the recovery of benefits and/or damages for that individual and their family.

“My practice also includes the area of workers’ compensation.  I served on the Qualifications Advisory Committee from December 2003 through February 2008, representing employee interests.  Through my efforts with other committee members, the most qualified applicants for Magistrate/Appellate Commissioner were determined and submitted to the office of Governor Jennifer M. Granholm for consideration.  Currently I am a member of the General Industry Safety Standards Commission, representing the public’s interest.”

A monthly contributor to JUSTICE PAC, Meo believes that member contributions enable MAJ to compete with contributions of the insurance industry and big business.  “Supporting MAJ’s JUSTICE PAC is important because it helps achieve the election and re-election of legislators, state officials, and judges that understand the issues that affect MAJ members and their clients and support our civil justice system.  A monthly contribution, even if small, will help MAJ achieve its goals.”

Meo and her husband live on Lake Orion.  She enjoys boating and antiquing