Sarah Thomas

April 2017 MAJ Pacesetter

Although Royal Oak attorney Sarah Thomas had once dreamed of becoming an international business litigator, she became a trial attorney when the opportunity presented itself and became hooked during her first trial.  A member of MAJ since passing the bar in 2012, Thomas joined mostly for the great resource of the list server. 

“I have forged relationships with so many seasoned trial attorneys through MAJ, whom I am so grateful to call my mentors. I bug at least a handful of them on a monthly basis.  MAJ attorneys are very passionate about the MAJ cause and especially their clients. It is infectious. Being around a group of the most passionate people really rubs off. I leave MAJ meetings and seminars fired up to try new approaches,” said Thomas.

Thomas is on MAJ’s Executive Board and Justice PAC Board.  She also co-chair’s MAJ’s New Lawyers Division and Membership Committee and also belongs to the American Association for Justice.

A monthly contributor to Justice PAC, Thomas believes the 7th Amendment right to a civil jury trial is paramount to what MAJ members do for their clients. 

Thomas’ most memorable case was the first medical malpractice case that she litigated herself.  “I was running around the state and country taking and defending depositions. So many defendants. So many experts. So much medicine. It was complex and overwhelming. And then in the middle of deposing an interventional neuroradiologist, I thought, ‘I actually understand how a stroke works!’ It all just made so much sense to me.  I think that case gave me a lot of confidence - although I still have miles upon miles ahead of me.”

Outside of the area of law, Thomas has many interests.  “I enjoy cooking, especially making up my own recipes and experimenting with different ingredients. I love exploring Detroit (especially for the food!), bingeing on mindless TV, yoga, reading anything and everything, filling up my online shopping carts with things I never buy, traveling, playing practical jokes on my coworkers, being outside as much as I can and spending time with my family and friends while doing all of the above.”